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Michael Korcok mmk_savant
Thu Aug 9 17:25:39 CDT 2007

to point out that some on the left lie, cheat, defame, scam and spout utter nonsense is wrong.  and to point out that the dishonest and irrational crud comes from dishonest and irrational jerks is even worse.  because it prevents exposing the lies and corruption of the corporate war criminals conducting their fascist genocides?
no thanks.
I will value and promote rational, intelligent discussion based on the facts because it is our best hope of decent understanding.  And I will continue to disparage and attack the lies, scams, and stupidity of ideological twists, predatory jerks, and intellectual hucksters.  Because that's a much more promising social-epistemological strategy than "don't criticize anyone for anything they say or they might not say those crazy things which might not be so crazy".
In our discussion, you made the murders of almost 1/2 million human beings invisible in your own head and i can't point out that's messed up?  Because if i do, you might not express your cutting-edge thoughts in the future and boy, i'll be sorry then because you will eventually have something worthwhile to say?  Yeah.  I'll take my chances with plan A.
Michael Korcok
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