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Congratulations to Eric and Jeff for working out a cooperative agreement that should be beneficial to their region, as well as on offering lower divisions the same options as Open with respect to judge preference!
--Neil Berch
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  August 17, 2007


  Dear Colleagues, 


  The HOLT V. SPICER DEBATE FORUM and the Department of Communication at Missouri State University invite you and your squad to attend the 2007 Missouri State - Virginia Craig Tournament, Saturday - Monday, Sept 29-Oct 1, 2007. 


  The "Bear-Shock" Merger

  In order to enhance the quality of competition, the Craig has merged with the Moorhouse Invitational (Wichita State University). The combined tournament will rotate host responsibilities between the two campuses each year. The combined tournament will follow these policies to create unity between Springfield and Wichita:

  1.       The tournament will consistently use a 7 round format, including Sunday night partials (allowing us to clear half the field) and Monday rounds at the tournament hotel.

  2.       The awards will be coordinated between the tournaments to encourage consistency, including any 'special' awards.

  3.       The tournament will have excellent hospitality, including multiple meals included with the entry fee, at both locations. 

  4.       The tournament will offer reduced fees for new programs, per CEDA guidelines, and is willing to discuss fee reductions or other appropriates case by case. 

  5.       Three divisions offered (Open, JV, and Novice) using judge preference in EACH division. 

  6.       Wichita State & Missouri State will collaborate to provide a strong presence in the tab room and the judging pool. 

  7.       Both schools will enter teams eligible to clear and earn awards. Any tab decisions impacting host teams will be handled with the involvement of the off-year host to assure fairness. 


  Reasons to attend our tournament:

    1.. 4 meals (2 breakfast, 2 lunch) provided, plus steady supply of snacks throughout the weekend. 
    2.. Excellent competition. We draw from both inside and outside D3, and expect to combine the traditional draws of both Missouri State and Wichita State to create an even larger tournament. We have several confirmations at this time. 
    3.. A generally welcoming and hospitable attitude 
    4.. Very impressive trophies 
    5.. Pre-sets released Friday night 
    6.. Hotel has wireless, yet is under $65 a night 
    7.. Quality elimination round facilities in the hotel

  We have preserved some important features of our tournament. We will continue to use mutual preferential judging at our tournament. Coffee and donuts will be provided for breakfast on both Saturday and Sunday, and the inexpensive tournament fees will also provide lunch both days.


  Enclosed you will find various rules and regulations, a schedule of events, housing information, and an entry form. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at (417) 836-7636 or ericmorris at missouristate.edu<mailto:ericmorris at missouristate.edu> anytime. 


  We hope to see you in Springfield. 



  Eric Morris, Director of Forensics

  Heather Walters, Assistant Director of Forensics 

  Louie Petit, Graduate Assistant

  Sheena Walters, Graduate Assistant



  DEBATE: there will be OPEN, JUNIOR and NOVICE divisions of team debate. 

  Divisions will be based on current CEDA rules. We plan to run Open, JV & Novice 7 rounds each, although Novice may be reduced if entries compel. We are strongly inclined against collapsing Novice into JV unless the division is not viable. Judges will be assigned using a mutual preference system. We hope to use the Bruschke online system to facilitate judge prefs prior to arrival. Rounds 5-7 will be power matched. We will NOT use lag powering this year. All team divisions will use the 9-3-6 CX format with 10 minutes preparation. The current CEDA/NDT topic will be utilized. We intend to clear the top half of all teams (per recent CEDA rule changes).



  TOURNAMENT HOTEL: The tournament will be housed at the Clarion Hotel, 3333 S. Glenstone Ave. They are offering an incredible flat rate of $63 + tax for up to 4 per room. Please be sure to mention that you are participating in the Missouri State-Virginia Craig Debate Tournament to get the special rate. PLEASE MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS NOW!! 

  The Clarion is committed to locating rooms for as many elimination rounds as the tournament size warrants, up to a full double octofinals. The Clarion has FULLY upgraded to high speed wireless internet in all sleeping rooms and meeting spaces. They are including a complimentary full service breakfast buffet with rooms. Debate registration, a coaches' reception, the awards ceremony on Monday, and all elimination rounds Monday will be held in the Clarion Hotel. We strongly encourage all schools to stay at the Clarion. 

  Clarion Phone Number: 417-883-6550 

  Our sales contact is Cindy Ebbert, and she's excellent at solving problems.


  REGISTRATION: Debate Registration will be held at the Clarion Hotel, Friday, September 29, from 7-9 pm. If you are going to arrive after 7 pm, please let us know so we can confirm your registration and release pairings. We plan to release pairings on Friday evening, but we will attempt to confirm all entries before doing so. Eric Morris can be reached by cell phone for late arrivers at 417-496-7141. 


  JUDGES: Each school is required to provide one judge for every two (2) debate entries or portion thereof, entered. Judges covering one debate team are committed for four (4) rounds. Judges covering two debate teams are committed for all preliminary round debates. All debate judges are committed for one elimination round after the elimination of their teams. HIRED JUDGES ARE LIMITED. Most of our alums have moved away. We cannot guarantee that they will be available. If you desire to hire judges, let us know ASAP. If you have judges who are willing to be hired or who will judge extra for $25.00 per round, please let us know. 


  AWARDS: We will provide awards for all teams reaching elimination rounds in debate. In addition, the top 10 speakers in open and junior division will be recognized. At least five speakers will be recognized in novice division. We also reserve the right to award "special" awards should circumstances dictate. 


  ENTRY FEES: Entry and judging fees will be as follows: 

  $75.00 per debate team 

  $25.00 per uncovered debate round 


  ENTRY DEADLINE: All entries should be in the hands of the Tournament Director no later than Wednesday, September 26, at 4 pm CDT. Drops after that time may still be assessed an entry fee. We strongly encourage you to register online using Bruschke's system. E-Mail entries are accepted at ericmorris at missouristate.edu if complications arise with the debateresults.com system. If you fail to receive confirmation, please contact us again. The phone number is (417) 836-7636. Please be prepared to provide us with names for each entry.




  Thursday, Sept 27

  Noon: Judge preference sheets can be filled out online at the Bruschke cite. It is important that each school finalize its entry and judging commitments prior to this time.


  Friday, Sept 28 

  7:00 to 9:00 pm Debate Registration, Clarion Inn 



  Saturday, Sept 29 

  8:30am Coffee, Juice & Doughnuts, Craig Hall

  9:00 am Round 1 (Preset) 

  11:30 am Round 2 (Preset) 


  2:00 pm Round 3 (High-High) 

  4:30 pm Round 4 (High-Low) 


  Sunday, Sept 30 

  7:30 am , Juice & Doughnuts, Craig Hall

  8:00 am Round 5 (High-High) 

  11:00 am Round 6 (High-Low) 


  2:30 pm Round 7 (High-Low, Flip) & Novice Elims

  6:00 pm Partial Elims in any Division


  Monday, October 1 CLARION INN

  8:00 am Announcement of Elimination Pairings 

  8:30 am Elimination Round 

  10:30 am Awards Assembly 

  11:00 am Remaining Elimination Rounds. 



  Contact Information

  Eric Morris

  (O) 417-836-7636

  (H) 417-865-6866

  (M) 417-496-7141

  ericmorris at missouristate.edu<mailto:ericmorris at missouristate.edu>


  Heather Walters

  (O) 417-836-6564

  hlw267f at missouristate.edu<mailto:hlw267f at missouristate.edu>

  Dr. Eric Morris
  Asst Prof of Communication & Director of Forensics
  Craig Hall 366A, Dept of Communication
  Missouri State University
  Springfield, MO 65897
  (O) 417-836-7636
  (H) 417-865-6866
  (C) 417-496-7141
  AIM: ermocito, ericandtaleyna
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