[eDebate] Novices at UNI

Catherine Palczewski Catherine.Palczewski
Tue Aug 28 12:11:56 CDT 2007

Hello all,

I have had a couple emails from folks concerning the novice division at 
UNI.  UNI will have teams, as will at least 2 other schools. Thus, there 
WILL be a novice division in some form.  What form is up to ya'll.

At this point, I am looking for a little feedback.  We can have a 6-8 
round tournament, if folks think their teams are ready for it.

But, if other folks are thinking of not bringing their novices because 
they might not be ready yet, well, there is another option, and an 
inducement.  One thing we have done in years past is have a mini-novice 
workshop during the first 2-4 rounds.  Then, the novices do 4 rounds of 
debate during rounds 5-8.  That way, the novices are given a chance to 
learn some of the basics and to even do some practice speeches before 
they are tossed into a debate.  Top teams advance to elims.

What I usually ask is for folks who are committed to novices to 
volunteer to be the workshop coach for a round (in lieu of judging a 
round). Workshop topics can include: flowing, Intro to topicality, intro 
to DAs, intro to CPs, intro to Ks, or even the basics of the stock 
issues.  In the past, we have even had teams bring neg evidence to be 
read against their affs, so that all teams have something to say. During 
one session of the workshop, the workshop coach can work through the 
different case args with the novices.

So, at this point, I need feedback:

1.  who is planning on bringing teams and how many?

2.  do you want novices to get 6-8 rounds of debate (regular tournament) 
or would you prefer the modified workshop (4 rounds workshop, 4 rounds 

3.  If we do the workshop option, who is willing to be a workshop coach 
for a session?

Lemme know -- my goal with all of this is to increase novice debate, and 
get more teams debating.  So, whatever is the best way to do that, I 
will do.


Cate Palczewski

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