[eDebate] Does a CEDA Debate Calender really exist?

NEIL BERCH berchnorto
Tue Aug 28 21:09:03 CDT 2007

Scott--I'm not going to defend the evil and incompetent CEDA leadership (though the rumor is that Jarman is drunk 92% of the time), but:
1.  No calendar can contain events that are not reported to the calendar-keeper.  I know that Dave Steinberg has requested info on the dates for several regular tournaments multiple times.  He told me that in many cases, he's not gotten a response.
2.  I don't think Bruschke makes any claims about compiling a calendar.  The tournaments listed on his site are simply those that have been registered by tournament directors.  People typically do that only when they have an invitation to go with their dates.  And there are still a handful of tournaments that don't do entries via the Bruschke site (Vermont, for example), so they don't post there at all.

One other thought:  you might contact regional reps for your CEDA region and those neighboring yours to find out regional schedules.

Good luck!  We're looking forward to meeting your teams some time this year.
--Neil Berch
West Virginia University
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  I have yet to see a complete CEDA tournament calender. When I go to the
  cedadebate.org--the National CEDA website--all I get is a "Coming soon in
  August." If I look to the "offical unoffical" calender at University of Miami,
  I see glaring holes. Not an indictment, but tournaments that I know for a fact
  exist, are not listed. When I go to the legendary "Brushke/Fullerton" site, I
  see a total of perhaps ten tournaments listed.

  So, does anybody in CEDA organization have their shit together or do we have to
  find a secret f****ing decoder ring to find out when and where CEDA tournaments
  are in the United States? Heaven forbid a new program actually try to find out
  what tournaments are available within their region.

  I mean, I know I am crazy, but you would think that an organization like CEDA
  would have an official list of, minimally, the Fall 2007 tournaments centrally
  posted somewhere so Directors can begin to make travel arrangements. Is it such
  an overbearing burden that a 2007 CEDA tournament schedule could be posted on
  the CEDA organization website before the end of 2007?

  Scott Elliott

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