[eDebate] Does a CEDA Debate Calender really exist?

NEIL BERCH berchnorto
Wed Aug 29 10:28:04 CDT 2007

Joe--An invite is less important, I think, than an announcement of dates, 
number of rounds and divisions, rough schedule.  Many folks delay the invite 
due to either issues related to classrooms or, more often, hotel contracts.  
The frustrating part to me is trying to find out dates for regular 
tournaments that are run every year and getting no response.--Neil

--Neil Berch
West Virginia University

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>Subject: [eDebate]  Does a CEDA Debate Calender really exist?
>Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 11:14:04 -0400
>While I think the Bruschke site is completely intuitive, there should be a
>link to it from the CEDA website.  The website is new and there are links
>that have been lost in translation and that is an important one.
>Speaking of the Bruschke site, while not officially a "calendar" it is the
>repository of the invites that have been put out so far (I count 18 in the
>Fall) and the "calendar" that the community uses.  Scott's indict of the
>lack of some alternative calendar is confusing -- even if it were a list on
>a website I'm kind of confused how anyone would know to put a tournament on
>a calendar before it puts out an invite.
>But here Scott raises an excellent point that directors need to start
>putting out their invites.  The activity has grown a too insular and we all
>just "know" when certain tournaments are and what they will use for a hotel
>long before anything is announced.  This insular mindset is one of the many
>obstacles that a new program faces that we need to combat.  In the old days
>that Scott references there were no deadlines for tournament
>sanctioning...people just got their stuff announced in a timely manner and
>the community has slipped.
>While I'm not certain about the dates proposed in his post, I am mulling
>over an amendment setting a deadline for tournaments to put out their 
>to be sanctioned to encourage timely announcements.  That said, I may put 
>an exemption for new and emerging programs who may not have the
>institutional support to know if their tournament will fly until later in
>the year.  I also worry about the insitutional hurdles of some established
>programs -- I know I once worked at a school that wouldn't allow me to book
>rooms on campus for the Fall semester until after Labor Day...so
>guaranteeing a November tournament was impossible until then.  Some
>provision would have to be made for that situation too.

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