[eDebate] Does a CEDA Debate Calender really exist?

Christopher Langone langonelaw
Wed Aug 29 15:21:39 CDT 2007

I have just come back to debate recently, so my observations do not come
from any kind of extensive post-merger experience and I certainly have no
experience as an administrator.  But as a debate alum I will say this.
There were several times when I, as a lawyer in Chicago, attempted to get
back involved in debate in the midwest in the sense that I wanted to go to
see if there were a few tournaments around possibly judge, etc -- I found it
very difficult to do this (and ultimately did not) and one of the reasons
was I could not find a schedule.  There is a benefit to an easily available
calendar beyond program administrators making travel arrangements.  To the
extent we want to encourage debate alumni who do not end up in debate as a
career to continue to participate (which I would think all would agree would
be good for the overall health of the activity) then a tournament calendar
might be useful.  Of course many squads post their own calendars on their
own websites, but these obviously tend to be regional so where you had
someone like me, who moved to chicago, away from the east coast, my only
feasible way to stay involved in debate was through the CEDA website, which
quite frankly did not faciliate my efforts and ultimately I did not get to
stay as involved as I would have liked.

Chris Langone
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