[eDebate] Apology

J Stan jstan1979
Sun Dec 2 11:11:15 CST 2007

I want to offer a sincere apology to Justin, Sarah, and the entire K-state
squad.  I mistakenly posted a private backchannel to a public forum, an
issue that seems to happen a lot on here and thus I should of been more
cautious. K-state debaters conducted themselves with class and their hard
work throughout the season is the reason for their success and probably the
sole reason.

I want to say that my frustrations about this weekend were not meant at any
specific program.  The norms of the activity and pressure to show success
ultimately create the problem that exists.  It is not something K-state or
anyone else did this weekend.  People do what they have to do in order to
sustain their programs, which I respect.   I have nothing but respect for
those programs including those at the tournament this weekend. However, the
problem seems to exists at nearly every tournament in some capaity.  The
reality is that the system will not change until either we do something
about points and sweepstakes or we do something that results in everyone
distributing their teams equitably.  Neither of these issues is something
that I know the answer to.

I have talked with Sarah and Justin about this personally here at the
tournament and I appreciate their acceptance of my apology.  Their
justifications make sense to me and I appreciate them taking the time to
talk with me.  Posting private correspondence is never acceptable and I am
truly sorry.  This is often the reason that I avoid e-debate discussions.

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