[eDebate] Mid Atlantic Champs results

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Sun Dec 2 18:39:33 CST 2007

Hello from rainy baltimore

The Midatlantic Fall Championship Tournment is well into out rounds at this
point and i want to provide some results.But first let me thank some folks.

Everybody who attended, thank you for a smooth stress free tournemnt, no one
had major complaints, all issues where resolved with extreme accomodation
from all involved including debaters coaches and judges, everybody seemed to
have fun, AND the competition was very good, congratulations to the nearly
100 students, coaches, judges and other helpers who where willing to give up
a weekend in the midst of the worst time in the fall semester to begin a
tradition for our region which i hope will endure for a long time, and thank
you i very much enjoyed spending my weekend with you.

The richmond folks (kelly mark steve) who gave extra rounds really helped
out, VIK kennan who came down a day before her team to help us judge, the
marist and the towson folks as usual for all the support in every way, mary
washington and west conn, both who after much persuading came out to try a
baltimore tournament and brought debaters and judges who made this weekend
great, bing for accomodating the late night drive to keep the saturday late
start in tact, and all the towson debaters and coaches who took the weekend
and made the tournament run wonderfully. Oh and Scotty G and burch for the
late rounds on sunday night to let other folks get home...thank you all


Open Octas
Binghamton CO advances wo debating
Binghamton GM advances wo debating
Binghamton PT advances wo debating
Binghamton RW advances wo debating
Johns Hopkins LP advances wo debating
Towson BM (Aff) vs Mary Washington HS, Mary Washington Wins
Towson AO vs Mary Washington GS , Towson AO wins
Towson MV (Aff) vs Marist LT, Towson MV Advances

Quarters in Progress

Bing CO VS MWC HS --Barron, Skinner Diggs
Bing GM vs Towson AO--Maritato D'Amico Gottbreht
Bing RW vs Towson MV- Broverro, Berry, Burch
Bing PT Vs JHU LP--Bing PT Advances

JV Break out rounds-Semis
Mary Washington GT VS West Conn TU--MWC GT advances
Mary Washington LS VS Marist DP--MWC LS advances

MWC GT & LS close out JV

Partial Sems

Marist MS vs Johns Hopkins HL--Marist Advances

Marist MS vs Richmond GY--Richmond left due to illness, Marist MS wins

Special Shout out to Gehrke and Young from Richmond who where perfect  for
the weekend when the illness became too much to continue, look out for these
Special Shout ou part 2--Mike from marist lost his partner very late in the
week, came by himself(in part to keep a small divison of newcomers viable)
debated six rounds at his second tournament ever (sans partner) and ended up
walking away the champion.

Good job to all, speaker awards coming soon...
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