[eDebate] Mid atlantic fall champs more results

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Sun Dec 2 19:26:32 CST 2007

Bing CO VS MWC HS --Barron, Skinner Diggs

BInG CO on a 3-0

Bing GM vs Towson AO--Maritato D'Amico Gottbreht

Bing GM on a 3-0

Bing RW vs Towson MV- Broverro, Berry, Burch

Bing RW on a 3-0

Bing PT Vs JHU LP--Bing PT Advances

Bing PT.

For those of you following from home(maybe in norman?)  that  means
Binghamton closes out sems. Congratulations to all  debaters and coaches on
a fantastic tournament.
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