[eDebate] A monster.com for debate opportunities...

William J Repko repkowil
Mon Dec 3 21:11:23 CST 2007

...well..sort of... 

In having 4 seniors that: 

a) want Debate to be part of their post-graduate experience, but
b) have no real idea what they are going to do next year... 

..I thought it may be a good idea to have consolidated location for college 
positions, grad programs @ schools that have debate generally, grad programs 
that have assistantships tied specifically to debate, and high school jobs. 


1. the long-term (not now) home for this listing will be at a forthcoming 
website run by Ross Smith (debatealums.com). 

2. For now, if you would like to have your position/program on a 
consolidated list, please drop me a line within one week. 

I will post a consolidated list on Tuesday, December 11th. 

I will also scan edebate archives for job postings (from Aug '07 - present). 

3. A plug to the current senior class: 

It is somewhat difficult to find anything in life you truly enjoy. Like any 
relationship, family member, or occupation, debate gets tiresome at times. 
But, on balance, many of you love it as much as you've enjoyed anything 

Debate is a profession -- in fact it's the profession of a great many people 
that you actually sorta like and would not mind having as colleagues. It 
smokes virtually any office job. 

So, when you are asked for the 1000th time "what are you doing next year", 
consider leafing through next week's posting and exploring the prospect of 
being a debate coach or assistant. 

We'd love to have you. 

4. A plug for MSU's seniors: 

They each want different things -- some to teach high school, some to go to 
grad school... some don't know what they want yet. 

If you would like to have them affiliated with your program, drop me a line 
 -- I will get you contact with them. 

Hope to hear from all interested parties. 



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