[eDebate] Macalester/Minnesota Tournament Props

Hingstman, David dbhingst
Mon Dec 3 22:17:31 CST 2007

Thanks to Katie Baxter-Kauf, Mike Baxter-Kauf, Dave Cram-Helwich, Eli  
Brennan and all the Macalester & Minnesota folks for the excellent  
tournament experience this last weekend in Minneapolis.  The Hawkeyes  
really appreciated the convenience of the tournament facilities, the  
abundance of good food & drink, and the warmth of good spirits that  
more than compensated for the unseasonable chill that nature bestowed  
upon us.  The tourney ran on schedule and we had plenty of time to  
sample the varied cuisines of Minneapolis & St. Paul.  The advice we  
received from our judge-critics was very thorough and helpful as  
well.   We look forward to our next trip to the Twin Cities in  
February, and to seeing you soon on the circuit!

Dr. Dave, Dan, and Jason for the Iowa Hawkeyes

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