[eDebate] An argument for local tournaments

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Tue Dec 4 12:27:45 CST 2007


In Baltimore we are starting to work with a La Quinta inn that will be the
default hotel for BCD tournaments (though not for districts and jv novice
nats and ceda nad the ndt when we host those) The rate we get is 99 a night
a bit pricey, no doubt, but since it is one hotel for four to five
tournaments it means you can fully take advantage of its rewards points
system. What this means is that for every 6 room nights you book, you
basically get the 7th room night free. the ratio could be 1-8 9 free but
even still over the course of a year you can rack up a lot of room nights
and thus a decent amount of free rooms. Additionally with a 10 am start time
people can drive in on saturday which means they only have one night of

Basicaly the rate gets lower the more you come to baltimore, or any

Now you can use room rewards at any hotel, but if you stay in a comfort inn
here and a holiday inn there and marriot there and westin there your points
rack up less quickly and its harder to use the system as its designed...
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