[eDebate] Cash, Graduate School, Debate Coach - Kansas State

Justin Green jmgreen
Thu Dec 6 12:40:31 CST 2007

KSU has one Speech Communications Graduate School Teaching
assistantship available for the 2008-9 school year.

Don't like Comm Studies...see very end of email.

The recipient will receive:
- a $10,000 stipend for each year to be split up over 9 months
- a tuition waiver for Communication Studies MA program - you still
must pay student fees of about $300 a semester.  This is a 2-year

The recipient is expected to:
- travel to 4 debate tournaments a semester.  Want to go to more,
great, definitely not required.
- teach 6 hours of Public Speaking.  Extensive assistance is provided.
 You will receive Teacher Evaluations for your class which many find
helpful in applying for future jobs.
- attend a 1-week training session for Public Speaking prior to the
start of each Fall semester.
- listen to 2-3 practice speeches a week
- complete/work extensively with debaters on 2 files a year within
your area of specialty.  Want to do more....again great.

The candidate must:
- be on track for completion of their B.A.  Those who plan to finish
in the summer must demonstrate ability to complete coursework.  This
might seem obvious, but past experiences make posting this a
- have at least a 2.5 GPA.  A 3.0 or above is preferred.  The higher
the GPA, the better the chances.
- disclose to Justin Green their desire to apply by Feb 10th and
complete paperwork by March 1st.

The ideal candidate would:
- desire to win.  Winning is not the most important lesson in debate
for KSU debaters and coaches; it is why we receive funding.  We
believe striving to win does increase knowledge of lessons learned and
helps to create a strong bond.
- enjoy being around a big team - i.e. be willing to make fun of/with
everyone including themselves.  This includes working well with other
coaches (Sarah Snider, Dan Stout, James Thomas, Megan Harlow, and
perhaps David Magariel and Max Archer). KSU debate is a family.
- enjoy working with all experience levels - All of our coaches coach
all of our teams.
- desire to take a very active role while at a debate tournament.
- have achieved personal success in debate.

Our squad is diverse.  Categories... if you like to use them, pick one
or two or combine, we probably have it represented and celebrated.  If
you don't like categories, we have lots of different people and like
to add others to the mix (although not necessarily stir).  We
celebrate diversity/flexibility in argument too.  We like coaches who
have in-depth experience/knowledge about a certain area/style of
debate.  We seek diverse experts of all varieties and backgrounds.

If you are interested please send an email to jmgreen at ksu.edu

Include any further questions and a mailing address for application materials.

I will also be at the Texas 2-Step, please feel free to ask questions
of myself or any of the KSU coaches and/or debaters.

I encourage you to apply for one of many GTA programs in other
disciplines: ENGLISH, MATH, HARD SCIENCES, just to name a few.  There
is no preference given to debaters in admissions into these programs,
but there are still possibilities to work with the debate team.  If
you have a certain field in mind and are interested in Manhattan,
please let me know your field of interest.

Justin Green
Director of Debate - Kansas State

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