[eDebate] Lexington Winter Invitational - Hired Judging

Maggie Berthiaume maggiekb
Fri Dec 7 09:08:48 CST 2007

Lexington Debate seeks to hire qualified policy and LD judging for  
the Winter Invitational, January 18-21, 2008.

LD will run Friday, January 18-Saturday, January 19.  Friday judges  
would need to arrive at 3:00pm.  We particularly need judges for Friday.

Policy will run Saturday, January 19-Monday, January 21.  We can hire  
for single days as well.  Saturday judges would need to arrive at  

LD - $120 for both days, $60 for one day.
Policy - $60 for Saturday (start at 1:00pm), $100 for Sunday.  We  
will also hire highly qualified judges for Monday at $25 per elim  
that we use you.

If you are interested in being hired, please email me your name,  
address, cell phone number, and the day(s) and event(s) you would  
like to judge.  We will consider hiring qualified individuals for  
both policy and LD, if relevant.

Please feel free to forward to other interested parties.  The  
invitation and schedule is available at massforensics.org.

Thanks for your time,

Maggie Berthiaume
Director of Debate
Lexington High School
maggiekb at gmail.com

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