[eDebate] Ballot effects

Massey, Jackie B. debate
Fri Dec 7 10:37:36 CST 2007

Here is some prognostications.  (spell that right?)

If the novice eligibility ammendment passes, we will see more novice divisions collapsing into JV.

Why alter the chagning squo.....

We did not have one tournament this semester that had to collapse JV and Novice in our region.  IE I control uniqueness.

Now, when we start collapsing JV into Novice next semester because those who should be in novice are food for Experienced JVers, i might say i told you so.

Just my predictions.

I did not vote for the amendment.  I try really hard to help novice divisions. I have had at least two novice teams every year for the past ten years.
It doesnt seem like the utlimate results of such vigorous rules have been understand.  If it passes I am hoping I was wrong.



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