[eDebate] Reminder: CEDA East Coast Tourism Weekend 2008 (sponsored by Miami and NYC)

V I Keenan vikeenan
Fri Dec 7 12:10:12 CST 2007

finishing up your CSI locale tour for the 2007-2008 debate season . . . .

The first weekend of February offers you two exciting destinations for your
tournament related travel this Spring.  On Feb. 1st-3rd the Hurricanes will
be hosting in Miami.  On Feb. 2nd-3rd Baruch College will host the Gotham
Debates in NYC.  Seriously, this is your chance to turn that travel budget
into more than just another trip to a chain hotel and a sprawling campus in
the middle of nowhere.  We're talking DESTINATIONS people!

Why should you put these tournaments on your schedule?

*Both offer three divisions of debate, making it fun for the whole squad!
(and applicable to all those novice/jv debaters everyone is so currently
worried about)
*Minimal bribing required to get your assistant coaches, etc. to commit to
ONE more weekend, if you promise them a round or two off.
*You long ago alienated friends that didn't do debate, so you might as well
spend your Super Bowl with one of us - we love you. We understand you.  Dave
and Vik like football.
*Half of you already convinced your school to send you to VEGAS . . we have
to be an easier sell.
*You had no plans between Heart/Denver/Augustana/LAMardiG ras at the end of
Janurary and your mid-February trip to Austin/Ithaca
*You can't take all of your debaters to Austin and you can't split your
squad, and you need a way to reward/ease guilt regarding the teams you'll
leave home
*It's the most convenient way to track down former and current CEDA
President's until CEDA Nat's
*Early enough in the season your debaters can't whine about that whole
"academics" thing
*You would be supporting those who support UDL's (and can offer recruits)

Now, I realize that both of these tournaments may be mutually exclusive, but
that doesn't mean there aren't net benefits to each.  For example:

- Humane Schedule (2-4-outrounds)
- Humane weather conditions (doesn't everybody need that in February?)
- Miami is just cool.
- Professor Steinberg has already presided over a successful CEDA Nats . . .
history of quality leadership
- All around Hurricane (student) Hospitality
- Not actually Hurricane (weather) season
- They have David Caruso (hmmm . . . maybe not in their favor)

on the other hand . . . there is New York.  We offer:
- "Rookie" opportunities for new novices starting in the Spring
- Typically full divisions from our East Region neighbors being able to
drive in en masse, and 3 airports to get competitive prices from if you
needed to fly.
- Real New York style pizza and bagels
- You realized you needed to get your fix of arctic winter somewhere now
that you have no reason to go to Chicago
- Our whole tournament is in one building if winter isn't really your thing
- 6 rounds plus elims in two days may sound daunting - but if you came in
for a 3rd day that was for seeing the city, you could have it for the same
cost as other tournaments and just debating.
- Otherwise - 2 days is less class missed for students
- Did we mention NYC?
- For once, a passable explanation for why you are dressed up as your
favorite super-hero - it is the "Gotham Debates"
- Our CSI is Lt. Dan . . .so definitely cooler in that regard.

Both tournaments have about equal costs when you average it out probably, so
the biggest difference would be travel.  We fully encourage you to make the
"cheaper" choice.

But why post this now?

Gotham Debates - January 1st, 2008
Hurricane Debate - January 10th, 2008

Invites for both are on debateresults.com

Putting it on your radar.  We hope to see you on the East Coast in February.

(with permission from Dave)

Vik Keenan
Director - Baruch Debate, CUNY
Assoc. Director - New York Coalition of Colleges
212/992-9641 or 347/683-6894
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