[eDebate] Eligibility Exception for Spring 2008

Joe Patrice joepatrice
Sun Dec 9 10:11:26 CST 2007

This post announces an action taken by the Executive Committee at the  
NCA meeting.  For the Spring term and for CEDA Nats, we are making a  
temporary waiver to our eligibility rules.  For Spring 2008 and 2008  
CEDA Nats only:

1) If a student has received their bachelor's degree in Fall 2007; and
2) If the student received that degree in less than 4 years of  
academic study; and
3) If the student remains otherwise eligible (e.g . the school can  
verify that the student is enrolled in good standing, etc.)

that student will be eligible to accumulate CEDA points and attend  
CEDA Nationals.

This action was deemed an exigent circumstance because the Committee  
anticipates putting an amendment forward on this issue this year and  
determined that any student in this situation this year should not be  
denied the right to compete while legislation is put forward for the  
entire community to decide.

If a student meets the requirements for this limited waiver, please  
let me know by January 1, 2008.

The EC vote was as follows:

Patrice - President
Eliott - 1st VP
Stables - 2nd VP
Steinberg - 1st Former President
Sandoz - Most recent available Former President
Dillard - SEC
Rubino - NE
Galloway - Proxy for Silber SE
Buescher - NW
Kephart - Southern Cal

Walters - Proxy for MA


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