[eDebate] A Consolidated listing of Debate Opportunities for next year

William J Repko repkowil
Tue Dec 11 15:53:16 CST 2007

A few things: 

1. attached is a word doc with all of the info sent to me regarding the 
monster.com idea I posted last week. 

I am encouraging seniors (or anyone unsure of their plans for next year) to 
read through it over the winter break. It should provide a starting point as 
folks figure out if debate is going to be a part of their future. 

2. Matt Stannard deserves some props. 

My idea was less novel than I thought -- he has had a job openings page at: 


Matt and I will be integrating this data onto that site. 

Also, the debate cooperative site has a few additional job openings not 
contained within this consolidated list. 

3. Just an observation. 

There are WAY more opportunities than I sensed there would be. And -- I 
sense -- this is the tip of the iceberg. 

4. How you can help 

If you know of a job opening, graduate opportunity, etc, please email me 
either a write-up or send contact info. I will integrate onto the debate 
cooperative site on an ongoing basis. 

Take it easy, 



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