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James Herndon jamesherndon3
Wed Dec 12 10:21:47 CST 2007

I am excited to announce an opening for Director of Debate at Chattahoochee
High School in Alpharetta, GA.

*Information about the debate team:*

We have one of the largest debate teams in the country.  We currently travel
14 teams nationally.  We had 60+ novices sign up to join the debate team
this year.  We have traveled 40+ students to their first ever debate
tournament this semester.  We have done little to no specific recruitment of

The Director of Debate is expected to organize a travel schedule, run the
debate team, organize research waves, and maintain the debate budget.  The
program also has another coaching position ? which is currently filled ? for
a novice/jv debate coach.  The current division of labor involves the novice
debate coach conducting  novice practices and traveling a largely novice and
JV schedule while the director conducts varsity practices and travels a
largely varsity schedule.  Most specific travel and job requirements are
negotiable between the director and the jv/novice coach.

Chattahoochee debate has tremendous support both financially and
administratively.  The support of the principal and one of the assistant
principals [a former speech/debate coach himself] is honestly beyond
comparison.  We have recently had a run of national and state success that
the administration is vested in continuing.  The PTSA board is also fully
supportive of debate and all the goals of the debate team.  The proximity to
UGA, Emory, Georgia State, and West Georgia as well as over 15 active
college debate alums means that support is fantastic.  The parental support
makes the running of the team both possible and enjoyable.  The parents are
committed to making sure their children receive the best coaching and to
insuring that the team remains financially viable.

*Teaching Requirements:*

There are currently 2 debate classes offered ? novice and varsity ? and they
are both taught by the director.  In addition to the 2 debate classes, there
is also an expectation to teach 2 academic English classes ? although team
taught classes make this job much easier than at most places.  The job also
includes 2 planning periods.  In short, a seven period school day involves 4
periods of teaching ? 2 academic and 2 debate ? with 2 planning and a lunch

*A little bit about Chattahoochee High School:*

Size ? Chattahoochee is a 5A [largest] school that currently has a student
body of roughly 2200.

Location ? Chattahoochee is located in Alpharetta, GA ? a northern suburb of
Atlanta.  However, a majority of the faculty live in Atlanta, and the school
itself is a short and manageable drive from some of the finer parts of
Atlanta.  Traffic in Atlanta is notoriously bad ? but manageable ?
particularly if you choose your location properly.

*Job Requirements ? *

A love of debate ? we have a ton of kids and they all want to go to
tournaments.  Every aspect of debate can be done with this job ? community
work, novice teaching, varsity strategizing, researching, etc.

A Bachelor's degree or higher.  Additional degrees guarantee pay scale

Teaching certification is nice ? but not necessarily required if one is
willing to take a few tests to become provisionally certified in the state
of Georgia.

More information can be found at the following-

Chattahoochee High School ? http://chattcougar.com/

Chattahoochee Debate - http://hoochdebate.com/

The Fulton County School System - http://www.fultonschools.org/ including
the current payscale.

Provisional Certification -

If you are interested in applying, or just have more questions about the
program, please feel free to contact me at: jamesherndon3 at gmail.com

Applicants should include a statement of interest, a description of debate
background, and contact information ? preferably email ? for at least two
debate related references.

James H. Herndon III
Director of Speech & Debate
Chattahoochee High School
5230 Taylor Rd.
Alpharetta, GA 30022
(770) 596-1559
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