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Jim Hanson hansonjb
Thu Dec 13 12:09:41 CST 2007

West Coast Publishing is looking to hire several individuals to join our Parlifiles writing staff. Parlifies are West Coast Publishing's online Parliamentary and Student Congress issue briefs. Every month we release four briefs on some of the most important domestic and international events of the day. We take a public policy issue such as: What is the best solution to the housing market slowdown, and we write a brief that could be used in prep-time at debate tournaments. The brief is designed to propose a clear government and opposition strategy including specific plan/counterplan action. The brief will include a one-page narrative discussing the arguments in the debate. The essay is followed by roughly four pages of outline (by speech-Prime Minister, Leader of Opp, MG, MO, etc.) of the arguments you need to make in the debate. We are looking to hire writers who will commit to covering 2 topics every month. The contract will run Dec-April. If you like to write and enjoy commenting on current events please email Matt Taylor at wcdebate at aol.com. 

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