[eDebate] Sad news

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Fri Dec 14 11:22:54 CST 2007

I just received a message from Garn LeBaron who debated for Southern Utah
back in the 80s that an old friend of ours, Donna Wilson, an outstanding
debater in the CEDA program at Northern Arizona, passed away last Saturday.
Donna married Whitney Cunningham (also of NAU fame) and then remarried and
was teaching in the School of Communication at NAU as Donna Henrichs.

I do not have details on the illness that caused Donna's passing but I have
emailed Danny Shea at NAU and asked for details regarding services, if such
details are available.

I was lucky enough to have debated against Donna when I was a frosh at Cal
Poly. It was my first great experience with the variance of judging
perceptions and paradigms as she kicked my ass royally but I picked up the
ballot because Jack Howe was the judge and apparently didn't appreciate that
Donna spread me out of the round.

Ken Sherwood
Director of Forensics/Academic Senate President
Los Angeles City College

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