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Gordon Stables stables
Fri Dec 14 15:45:08 CST 2007

Greetings. Hope everyone's end of the academic term is treating them well.
We are now only a few weeks out from the beginning of the California swing
at USC and I want to highlight a few items. Consider this your tournament


1.	Last call for entry changes - The entry system will be turned off on
Tuesday, December 18th. If you have any judge changes, competitor changes,
etc. please make them on debate results. All subsequent changes need to be
made to me directly.
2.	 Preferences - Our plan is to turn the preference system on no later
than Thursday, December 20. If all goes well it may be even closer to the
18th. Specific instructions will be made available at that time, but both
divisions will be asked to rank all judges using a per round commitment
system that utilizes a six category and strike system. Prefs are due by the
evening of December 28th, but with all of the traveling (and likely weather
delays) we ask folks to use the extra time and complete their preferences
3.	Last call for Shuttle Transportation - If you intend to use our
shuttle transportation, please email me by this Sunday. I have shuttle
requests from Binghamton, Emory, Georgetown, Gonzaga, Harvard, Mary
Washington, and Texas-Austin. If you need shuttling to and from the hotel,
please let me know.
4.	Vegetarians and Vegans - We need numbers of guests with dietary
5.	Elimination Round Estimates - Our invite specifies we will clear all
teams with winning record up to a full doubles bracket in each division.
Current estimates are of a full doubles bracket in open and likely a partial
octos bracket in JV. This is likely to be an additional elim than past years
in JV, so please be aware of the modified schedule needs.
6.	Guest names provided to the Sheraton - We have worked to accommodate
every squad (to my knowledge) at the Sheraton. This will make the elim day
easier as well as for the New Year's party. It is important, however, that
the Sheraton have the names of every member of your group. The 'Giant' New
Year's Eve party/concert/festival happens in downtown and so the Sheraton is
rightly concerned about your safety. There will be times where the hotel
will require ID's and/or room keys to access guest floors. This is for our
protection so please cooperate. If you are commuting to the tournament just
make sure I have a list of your tournament participants.
7.	Guest conduct at the tournament - We are very excited to have you as
our guests in Los Angeles and to our campus. At the same time, it is
important that I remind everyone that you are representatives of your
university or college when you are at the tournament. If our guests engage
in destructive, threatening, violent, or harassing behavior we are obligated
as university employees to report it to our appropriate campus office,
including the Department of Public Safety and the Office of Equity and
Diversity. Those offices will provide specific guidance which may include
the decision to report specific actions to your college or university. We
trust that no such actions will be needed, but we wish to alert you of this

Thanks again for your support for our ever growing tournament. We have 88
teams in open and 22 in JV entered as of today. Current weather is sunny and
highs in the low 60s - so it should make for a great tournament experience. 


Happy and safe holidays to all.



Gordon Stables, Ph.D.
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Annenberg School for Communication
University of Southern California
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