[eDebate] Changes to Fullerton invitation

Bruschke, Jon jbruschke
Sat Dec 15 11:54:00 CST 2007

All travel and competition days stay the same.  But we have made some
changes, noted below.  All changes have been made to the on-line


1)       Rich Edwards will be joining the tab staff.  Explanation:  If
you have a chance to add Rich to your tab staff, you do.

2)       The schedule will be changed to 3 rounds on the 2nd, 3 rounds
and doubles on the 3rd, and octos forward on the 4th.  Explanation:  For
years we went with a 3-3-5 schedule that made elim day brutal and in
several years almost made the final round impossible.  Last year we
tried the 4-3-4 format, but the first day was brutal, which seems to
defeat the purpose of a 6-round tournament.  This year we're trying
3-4-4 to make the first day less onerous and get everyone to dinner on
time; the long day will now be day 2.  The awards day will be longer but
we'll feed you twice and anticipate having everyone fed and back in
their hotel room by 11:00pm.

3)       We will use a 6-cateorgy mutual pref system and try to
aggressive place mutual "3" judges in the presets.  We will attempt to
insure that teams do not get a second mutual-3 in a preset until all
teams have had one mutual-3.  Explanation:  (1) By using mutual-3 judges
early, we can preserve more judging for use in the break rounds.  (2)
This should reduce pressure on the more highly-rated judges to hear
rounds beyond their commitment, which has been necessary in every year
past.  (3) Many mid-range judges would make excellent critics but never
get a chance to hear the better debates.  As our community continues to
burn out judges and coaches, the most sensible step seems to be to use a
judge placement system that balances the need to develop a wider pool of
judges with offering high quality judges.  In our opinion, current
approaches prefer high preference over judge development to an
unsustainable degree.  (4) A mutual-3 judge is in the 55th-42nd
percentile.  Realistically, all tournaments will need to use some
judging from this range to complete the tournament.  If more than 45% of
the judges won't vote for you, it's time to do something different.  And
that statement comes from a performance coach.

4)       The tournament hotel is the Wyndham.  The name "Sheraton"
appeared in a couple of places where it should have been taken out.


We're currently at 98 teams in open, which will make this the largest
CSUF in the past 2 decades.


Look forward to seeing you all here!



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