[eDebate] ndt rankings--update and reminder, 8pm deadline

Jim Hanson hansonjb
Sat Dec 15 14:28:41 CST 2007

I've made the 4th revision to the ndt rankings since I first posted. those 
revisions include:

--thurgood marshall changed to count for varsity also for all teams 
--binghamton no "p" in individual tournament listings
--capital individual tournament listings now included
--towson, elim points not counted for own tournament
--clarion results fixed
--fixed the list numbering being off in the varsity list
--I think I made some other fixes in there that I've forgotten about; feel 
free to check your points again.

8pm, pacific time tonite, final deadline. absolutely no changes after that. 
sorry--I print and post at that point.


jim :)
hansonjb at whitman.edu 

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