[eDebate] Addition to Baruch invite (BP)

V I Keenan vikeenan
Sun Dec 16 09:14:12 CST 2007

As per popular request and in cooperation with the local APDA tournament at
NYU, Baruch college will host a World's division of debate at the GOTHAM
DEBATES if there is interest.  The tournament is Feb. 2nd and 3rd.

6 rounds after a brief orientation.  Tab will be run by the esteemed Tuna

"Debate Weekend NYC"planning is in full swing.

World's entries should be emailed directly to vikeenan at gmail.com.  Other
details, such as hotel, directions, and the all important start time of
breakfast can be found on our invite on the debateresults.com page.

Please email me if there are any questions.


Vik Keenan
Director - Baruch Debate, CUNY
Assoc. Director - New York Coalition of Colleges
212/992-9641 or 347/683-6894
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