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NEIL BERCH berchnorto
Mon Dec 17 14:51:41 CST 2007

Dear Friends:
I must confirm the rumors that I have spoken to University of Michigan officials about their impending Director of Debate vacancy (my apologies to Josh for negotiating ahead of time, but when you're a coach at Michigan and you're always looking up at Northwestern in the national rankings, you can't be shocked that they're looking around).  After extensive discussions, I have decided to remain at WVU (at least for now).  There are four major reasons for this decision:
1.  Michigan's interest cooled substantially when they found out that I was the only coach at WVU who decidedly did NOT run a spread offense;
2.  Michigan was unwilling to pay the buyout in my contract, which is well over six dollars;
3.  I received a personal call from West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin, who urged me to stay, and who reminded me of both my loyalty to the state and the fact that even if I went to Ann Arbor, I would still be held to my contractual obligation to mow the lawn at the governor's mansion;
4.  Josh staved off unemployment by convincing Michigan officials that his team's upcoming trip to Fullerton was the "debate equivalent of the Rose Bowl".

My best wishes to Josh for as long as he remains at Michigan.
--Neil Berch
West Virginia University
(birthplace of Michigan coaches)
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