[eDebate] USC Alan Nichols Prefs are Active

Adam Symonds acsymonds
Wed Dec 19 16:44:13 CST 2007

Happy Holidays to all,

We have turned on the Prefs for the USC 'Alan Nichols' Tournament. We
won't be closing down the prefs until the end of registration on the
28th, but with the inevitable craziness that holiday travels seem to
cause, I'd like to reemphasize Gordon's plea for everyone to work on
their preferences as soon as is convenient.

The system for preferences uses Judging Rounds and divides them into a 7
category system, where 1s constitute 10% of the field and each category
thereafter is 15% of the field. In the interest of transparency, the
logic for placement of judges is listed below:


The basic assumptions guiding this ordering are:

1) Categories 1-3 are the preferred categories of use. There is a bold
line between 3s and 4s. (Categories 1-3 include the top 40% of the pool)
2) Mutuality before preference. Within the top 40 percent of the judges,
respect is given first to mutuality, meaning 3-3 matchups are ranked
ahead of 1-2 or 2-3 matchups.
3) Based on feedback from last year, we reduced the size of the 3
category from 25% to 15% to provide a more defined category and limit
the primary area of use for each team from 50% to 40% of the pool.

Finally, please note that we will once again be using "advisory" prefs
for JV. In practice, this means that once the varsity division is
paired, we provide the highest preferenced mutual judges remaining in
the pool.

Thanks for reading,

Adam Symonds
Arizona State University

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