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Now i don't want to get into a rant here but its seems to me that this poor
fellow knows little of what debate actually looks like:

"As debaters, this is a story that we all know. Debate helped us find
our voices and stand up as leaders, just as it did for the debaters at
Wiley. We've seen a lot of bad debate movies come out over the years,
but this one has an inspiring story worth spotlighting."

Does debate really help anybody stand up as a leader... leader in what?
maybe it helped Klinger lead the nation in baggies purchased  or  maybe its
helped Tristan  lead the nation in douche-baggery  but does it really help
anybody stand up for anything? In my observation  much of the value debate
that happens at the Kritical end of the spectrum just confuses everybody
about what s right or wrong or what could be right if it didn't unify or
crystallize or impose judgement on an all ready overly judgemental pedagogy
of who the fuck cares.

It seems to me that this new movie will do nothing to make anybody think
about anything that Doc. Warner hasn't been nagging us all into thinking
about for the last ten years. (as an aside, does a dead movement still need
a fat black preacher? sorry doc) has it worked? Will it work if Denzel does
it?  Will it work if Oprah does it? Fuck no it wont work. why wont it work
because debate doesn't teach us to care it teaches to forgo caring in the
service of thinking. ill see this movie and ill be glad that it glorifies to
others what i waste so much of my time with but  what we do shouldn't be
compared as it  isn't what those student did, isn't what people think of
when the word "debate" is said, isn't what Andy's stupid rambling you tube
videos wish it could be and isn't much more than magic the gathering with
literature instead of orcs and goblins and shit... just ask Jake Zearing.

Look, people that care about stuff are generally stupid( don't blame me,
blame GOD) and people who don't care about stuff are generally pretty
smart(again not my fault,  blame the Germans or something) and this clash of
civilizations is exactly that  dumb people with souls versus smart people
who sold theirs for a speaker award... i know i know "what about Luis and
Brenda and Obie and  all the smart weirdos" a. they aren't that smart. b.
they too sold out. The soulless fucks won a long time ago not just in debate
but in the world at large and its our game with our rules  and our glass
ceilings and our  token Mexicans and token black people and token  hippies.
get used to it or kill yourself.

anyway,  back to leadership. debate doesn't make us into leaders but
actually into sheep. busy little sheep who produce more in less time than
the other sheep in our flock(trust me I'm one of these sheep and have the
gold stars to prove it. if you still don't believe me ask Ross Smith he says
that  topical education makes us into good little bureaucrats so we can
dutifully do the work of the state or industry without questions that
someone who came to lead might be inclined toward. what is it that the duck


now, while I've enjoyed some of his cute little thought experiments in the
past(fucking with the mediocre, annoying Josh, incoherently rambling about
why T is equal to genocide) his last post i find particularly asinine. i
urge you all to go a look at his pasty decrepit mug rambling about this
"war"  if nothing else it will make you laugh... i promise there wont be
much thinking involved:

didja see it... cute right? here's a little FYI for mister Ellis: NO ONE
its a game that some people like to play it doesn't mean anything and never
will. sure there was probably a time when it had the ability to shape the
political realm in important ways  and sure Denzel and Oprah are deluded
enough to think it could still. but it cant and it wont and just because
your teams and the teams you vote for belong in parli and get sand kicked in
their face by the big mean policy wonks doesn't mean you should go on
youtube and tell the whole world that the left needs to unify and focus on
pedagogy and do a little dance about it... luckily the Internet is the last
refuge of the lonely loser with nothing else to do but annoy nobody , in
hopes that there is a critical mass of pathetic nobodies that will join your
cause and revolutionize meaninglessness for the rest of us.For the love of
god masturbate, do some blow or get a real job, stop pretending like any of
this matters.
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