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On brief note i didnt get to make

We are less likely today than in the 1930s to have black directors of
debate. The reference i make to don haskins is perhaps more reflective of
the world we currently live in, almost all of the power to make decisions
within the college community ios today vested in a white poer structure just
as it was in basket ball in 1966. This can change, it has changed in other
sports, even if a painfully slow process at the top levels of the game. But
in many ways thats one of the key things this is about, which debaters go on
to be coaches educators and leaders of the community in the years to come
and how do different experiences produce leaders with different directuons,
that and upon whom are the material benefits of high level college debate
particpation conferred on seem to be key questions.

Here are some cites

David Zinn, Whats my name fool, sports and resistance in the united states

*The Status of Debate in the Negro College*
John W. Parker
*The Journal of Negro Education*, Vol. 24, No. 2 (Spring, 1955), pp. 146-153

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