[eDebate] About this Joe Kelly v. L-Ville business...

William J Repko repkowil
Thu Dec 27 17:22:28 CST 2007

.. been getting a ton of questions/email about this: 

1. These statements are not the stance of the MSU team. 

This student is not a member of the MSU team and has not been for several 

2. This is not part of the plan for the NDCA Championships. 

Yes, we are co-hosting with Okemos High School. 

No, no one on the MSU Debate Team or on the NDCA Board was looking to make 
this part of the scheduled events for the weekend. To my knowledge, none of 
us were even approached. 

3. Ede has handled this with class. 

.. frankly, this was some weird and prodding crap from outta left field... 
We appreciate Ede's correspondence over the Winter break. His CBM's = solve 



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