[eDebate] USC Doubles Results, Octas Pairings

ADAM C SYMONDS acsymonds
Mon Dec 31 10:49:04 CST 2007

Open Doubles Results
1. Wake GL (neg) def. 32. MSU LM 3-02. KU BJ (aff) def. 31. fort hays 3-03. West Georgia (aff) def. 30. Cal BJ 3-04. Harvard AM (aff) def. 29. Dartmouth AH 2-128. Kentucky GT (neg) def. 5. Harvard JZ 3-06. Harvard RW (aff) def. 27. UNT CE 2-17. Emory HW advanced over Emory IS8. Dartmouth KO (neg) def. 25. MSU AW 3-09. Northwestern FW (neg) def. 24. MSU EL 3-010. California BP advanced over California BR11. Gonzaga BS (neg) def. Texas-Dallas RS 3-021. Northwestern BM (neg) def. KU JS 2-113. CSUF GM (aff) def. Missouri State OW 2-114. Wake CC (neg) def. Mary Washington KS 3-018. Wyoming CJ (neg) def. Texas TW 2-117. Missouri State MM (aff) def. Emory MS 3-0
Open Octas Pairings
1. Wake Forest GL v. Missouri State MM Culpepper, Greenstein, Turner2. KU BJ v. Wyoming CJ Hardy, Morris, Pointer3. West Georgia LS v. Wake CC Achten, Strange, Cram Helwich4. Harvard AM v. CSUF GM Atnett, Turoff, Buntin5. Kentucky GT v. Northwestern BM Koehle, Repko, Lee6. Harvard RW v. Gonzaga BS Olney, Morales, Fitzmier7. Emory HW v. Cal BP Feldman, Blank, Lacy8. Dartmouth KO (aff) v. Northwestern FW Hall, Holbrook, Gordon
JV Partial Octas Results
1. ASU DK advances without debating2. Binghamton QS advances without debating3. Binghamton BT advances without debating4. Weber HW advances without debating5. Minnesota JM advances without debating6. KCKCC FM (neg) def. Western Connecticut BF 2-17. CSUF RS (aff) def. UNLV AW 3-08. ASU MN (aff) def. George Mason JL 3-0
As some folks have astutely noticed, the seedings and speaker awards in the packet results/tab sheets don't match the announced speaker awards or the bracket. This is a result of our experiment with quarter speaker points. The bracket and speaker awards announced are correct, but the packet/tab sheets dropped .75 and .25 to .7 and .2, respectively. We became aware of this issue on Day 1 of the tournament and closely followed the data entry through round 7 to verify the speaker awards and seedings. We'll do our best to make sure that the data uploaded to the debateresults site accurately reflects the quarter points.
More results to follow,
Adam Symonds
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