[eDebate] JV/Novice-Reply to Zomp.

Zompetti, Joseph Perry jpzompe
Sun Dec 2 22:42:24 CST 2007

You identify a different problem altogether, but thanks for bringing it up.  I don't think Justin (I hate to speak for him) nor I disagree with this sort of conundrum, especially since it occurs at a "small school/small program."  
What we would balk at is a similar incident from a larger program.
All my other arguments still apply.  I hope readers of this thread will refer to those.


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Here's a scenario. I have one debater who is clearly qualified to be in open
because he is that good. I mean, damn, he is too good to be debating for me. I
know my limits. The only reason I have him is because of financial issues. I
will be interested in hearing overtures from coaches of better schools who have
scholarships to offer. He could be a NDT semi-finalist  in two years if he were
at a mega-program. (I know of at least three coaches of NDT finalist schools
that will back my call on this point).

But, as a small program, I have to pair him with a novice. He is within JV
eligibility. I have NOONE of his caliber to pair with him and it makes me sick.
With small programs this is a common, and real problem. So, I concur with
Zompetti on other grounds.


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