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Veronica Guevara veronica_m_barreto
Mon Dec 3 23:50:48 CST 2007

Matt Stannard is currently running this page: http://www.debatecooperative.net/forums/index.php
There is a job posting forum where many have posted their calls for debate jobs & assistantships.  There are a grip of positions posted there now, thanks to Matt's work, but I know there are still some employers and job seekers who don't know about the page.

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 > From: repkowil at msu.edu> To: edebate at ndtceda.com> Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2007 22:11:23 -0500> Subject: [eDebate] A monster.com for debate opportunities...> > ...well..sort of... > > In having 4 seniors that: > > a) want Debate to be part of their post-graduate experience, but> b) have no real idea what they are going to do next year... > > ..I thought it may be a good idea to have consolidated location for college > positions, grad programs @ schools that have debate generally, grad programs > that have assistantships tied specifically to debate, and high school jobs. > > Specifically, > > 1. the long-term (not now) home for this listing will be at a forthcoming > website run by Ross Smith (debatealums.com). > > 2. For now, if you would like to have your position/program on a > consolidated list, please drop me a line within one week. > > I will post a consolidated list on Tuesday, December 11th. > > I will also scan edebate archives for job postings (from Aug '07 - present). > > 3. A plug to the current senior class: > > It is somewhat difficult to find anything in life you truly enjoy. Like any > relationship, family member, or occupation, debate gets tiresome at times. > But, on balance, many of you love it as much as you've enjoyed anything > else. > > Debate is a profession -- in fact it's the profession of a great many people > that you actually sorta like and would not mind having as colleagues. It > smokes virtually any office job. > > So, when you are asked for the 1000th time "what are you doing next year", > consider leafing through next week's posting and exploring the prospect of > being a debate coach or assistant. > > We'd love to have you. > > 4. A plug for MSU's seniors: > > They each want different things -- some to teach high school, some to go to > grad school... some don't know what they want yet. > > If you would like to have them affiliated with your program, drop me a line > -- I will get you contact with them. > > Hope to hear from all interested parties. > > Best, > > Will > > > _______________________________________________> eDebate mailing list> eDebate at www.ndtceda.com> http://www.ndtceda.com/mailman/listinfo/edebate
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