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They are doing a great job of promoting this movie.  We saw a preview of the movie Wednesday, along with Q&A from some of the actors.  A strong movie, especially on the message of the importance of debate and oratory to promote social change.  The actors spoke to the importance of promoting academic and intellectual role models and making it cool to be smart.  I think the movie and its promotion offers us in the debate community an excellent window of opportunity to promote what we do.  And the narrative may help us self reflect on our approach to debate.  Should help recruiting of new participants as well.
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There is a bracket for high school aqnd one for college (read the fine
print of the rules) so I thought I would point interested parties to the
contest (basically you videotape a 4 minute one-on-one mini-debate on
any one of 3 topics. Any one person can be on up to three "teams" etc.


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