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NEIL BERCH berchnorto
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I agree with Jackie that a list of schools voting is a legitimate thing (though it probably should have been known prior to the vote that a list of those voting would be released).  As for other contexts, many states in the US will release lists of those who vote in a particular election (or even an individual voter's historical participation record).  That's how:
1.  candidates target voters (well, one way anyway);
2.  you get embarrassing stories when celebrities run for office that show that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lynn Swann didn't vote much before running for office.

--Neil Berch
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West Virginia University
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  To my knowledge, CEDA has not ever released the names of those who voted.  I 
  think that is consistent 
  with other contexts of voting, too.

  Of course, the executive council could release that information if they wanted 


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  >I saw that a whopping 58 schools voted.
  >Is there any way we can get a list of those 58 who voted?
  >I know we had a "committee" on this at NCA, how many of these schools are 
  traditional NDT vs. 
  traditional CEDA schools.  (I know some schools cant be broken down by this 
  definition, some have 
  always engaged in both -- i really mean pre-merger what type of debate did 
  they do?)
  >Is it legitimate to post a list of all schools who voted?
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