[eDebate] Wiley defeated USC not Harvard

F M fcmnyc
Tue Dec 18 16:35:29 CST 2007

Wow.  I've come back to debate after a 15 year absence and comments like
this make me want to leave again.

Portions of the movie are fiction, as are a lot of movies, but the message
is the same whether it be USC, Harvard or any other school.  I came back to
the activity after seeing what schools like Louisville and CSUF were doing
in debate on CSTV.  I thought things had come a long way, but comments like
these make me think otherwise.


On Dec 18, 2007 5:22 PM, <EMarlow at ucok.edu> wrote:

> Art writes:
> As a Harvard Debate Alumnus, I am somewhat disturbed that the film
> fictionalizes in this manner.  While I am certain that James Farmer Jr.
> et al. the Wiley debaters were outstanding, *the notion that the Harvard *
> Debate Team in 1935 or any other year would have been weaker than USC or
> Wiley is ridiculous.  Harvard, along with Northwestern and Dartmouth,
> has won numerous NDT championships, and when they have lost, it has
> usually been on 3-2 panel decisions that were close or hard-fought.
> Wow...now I understand why people think this activity is elitist.  Of
> course Louisville and OU could never compete with such ivy league greatness.
>  I don't know why we don't just phone in our NDT votes for these three
> schools and save the cash it costs to attend.
> Peace,
> Marlow
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