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Well, let's remember that policy debate in 1935 was a lot different than today. There was no national tournament structure like you had today. The bulk of the pre-war debating was done via contract format - where schools would contract to engage other schools in debate with the terms of the debates spelled out - who would host, what would be provided to the debaters, etc..etc. Also, debate then was less evidence based than today. It was a totally different format of debating. But, the fact that USC was better than Harvard was historical fact - although, absent the NDT point standings, I'm not sure how they arrived at that conclusion (my only guess is that USC must have debated Harvard and won at some point). So you should be less skeptical, and more a student of history - while Harvard has fielded great debate teams in the past, you sould remember that Harvard doesn't even appear in an NDT elim round until 1955, eight full years after the NDT started. In fact, I think
 you'll find that Yale was the first Ivy to appear in an NDT elim round. H.

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