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Darren Elliott delliott
Sat Dec 22 20:43:38 CST 2007

I'm pretty sure Mahoney used to do this early in his judging days.  Seems like he might have awarded 30's to the participants to come to consensus but I believe it was a win and a loss without .5 deviations.


Darren Elliott
Director of Debate and Forensics--KCKCC

>>> Michael Kloster <kloster at mynamesmike.com> 12/22/07 8:11 PM >>>
What would you think if after each debate round the participants had 15
minutes to discuss the round and come to a consensus on who won? If they
came to a consensus, the winner would be awarded a 1.5 round win and the
loser would get a .5 round loss. In other words each team would get a
half round bonus for coming to a consensus. If no consensus was reached
the judge would render a decision.

In the history of competitive debate has there already been
experimentation with such a concept?

Michael Kloster

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