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Below is a letter from NDT Tournament Director, Dr. John Fritch.  

In addition, there are a few other things that I would like to remind you of so that you can help yourself make sure that you have all of the information you need to participate in the 2007 NDT:

1) You can check your enrollment verification early next week at <http://www.debateresults.com> - if you haven't started this yet, you need to get on it ASAP. 

2) You can find out if you have paid your subscription dues as well as find out other information on the 2007 NDT at <http://www.2007ndt.org> - if you haven't done this yet, you have until noon CST next Saturday, February 10th to hand your dues to treasurer Sherry Hall. 

3) You can check out the greatly enhanced NDT history page hosted by Wake Forest Debate at <http://groups.wfu.edu/NDT/> - 

All the best, 

Tim O'Donnell
NDT Committee Chair

- - - - - - - Letter from Dr. Fritch - - - - - - - - - - -


January, 2007

Dear Colleague:

Plans are nearing completion for the 61st National Debate Tournament to be held in Dallas, Texas, Friday, March 30, through Monday, April 2. 

This brief letter will provide information on the tournament location, qualifying processes, eligibility certification, and entry for the tournament 

TOURNAMENT HOTEL.  The tournament hotel will be the Westin Park Central.  Registration, banquets, and elimination rounds will be held at the tournament hotel.  We would recommend that you reserve rooms as soon as your teams have qualified.  More information about the hotel is available at http://westin-dallas.felcor.com/. A link to hotel reservations can be found at www.2007ndt.org. 

TOURNAMENT WEB SITE.  Information about the tournament may also be found at www.2007ndt.org.
RULE CHANGES FOR 2007. There are two main changes in the rules of the 2007 NDT.

1.	Effective with the 2007 NDT, teams qualifying for the tournament must provide THIRTEEN rounds of judging. This is an increase from the twelve that was required previously.

2.	Individuals in attendance at the National Debate Tournament who provide significant coaching to, or argument production for, any team participating in the NDT should be required to enter the judging pool on a supplemental strike sheet for at least four debates or, if it is more appropriate, provide a significant equivalent contribution to the tournament as defined by the tournament host or director.

QUALIFICATION PROCESS.  The selection process, altered before the 1994 NDT, remains in place for the 2007 NDT.  Beginning in 1999, any unfilled second round at large bids may be awarded to third teams from a school which has applied for second round bids.  An even number of teams will be maintained in the tournament, but more than six schools may have a second team if second round bids are not filled in the normal process.  A complete set of the NDT rules and procedures may be found at www.wfu.edu/organizations/NDT/.

AT LARGE APPLICATION PROCESS.  The process for first and second round at large bids will be the same as that established in 2004.  The number of preliminary rounds required for a team to count toward bid allocations is 18.  All teams selected through the Second Round At-Large process must have a 50% or greater preliminary round win-loss record in rounds on the fall CEDA topic or its NDT topic parallel immediately prior to the District tournament or at the time of submission for second round bids.  Those subscribing schools wishing to nominate their teams for At-Large consideration must submit copies of their completed electronic Official NDT At-Large Application (without covering letters or other supplementary materials). Applications must be received by the dates listed below. Schools submitting at-large applications must have paid their NDT subscription fee prior to submitting their application for the bid to be considered. In addition, all teams wishing to be considered for an at-large bid must pay $50.00 to the treasurer of the NDT Board of Trustees. A system has been set up to pay using Paypal at www.americanforensics.org, or the treasurer also will accept a check or money order made out to the NDT, RECEIVED BY THE APPLICATION DEADLINE, sent to the following address: 

Sherry Hall
324 Franklin Street
Cambridge, MA  02139

The electronic at-large bid form may be found at: http://commweb.fullerton.edu/jbruschke/web/index.aspx.

ENROLLMENT CERTIFICATION.   IMPORTANT.  Addressing a concern that all debaters attending be eligible to attend, the 1999 Committee passed a resolution such that participating teams need to submit a letter verifying that each member of the team is in good standing and regularly enrolled at their university or college.  Participating NDT students must provide by February 14, 2007, an official document from a university or college official that he or she is registered as an undergraduate student and is in good standing at the school to be represented.  Letters should be sent (faxed letters should be followed by official letters) to:

Dr. Timothy O?Donnell, NDT Chair
University of Mary Washington
Department of English, Linguistics, and Speech
1301 College Ave.
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

ENTERING THE TOURNAMENT.  ENTRIES ARE DUE MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2007.  The process for entering the tournament will be the same as for the 2006 National Debate Tournament.  Online entries will be accepted using the web site and methods used for many invitational tournaments during the year.  The web site may be found at http://commweb.fullerton.edu/jbruschke/web/index.aspx.

JUDGING PHILOSOPHIES. Judging philosophies should be posted to www.debateresults.com no later than March 16, 2007. The NDT may impose a $50 fine on institutions which have not supplied judging philosophies by March 16. The NDT may impose an additional $50 fine if judging philosophies are not available at the time of registration.

FEES.  The Board of Trustees has set the fees for the 2007 NDT. The fees are $100.00 per team. Participant fees will be established before the tournament for debaters, judges, and observers. Persons traveling with the team will be charged for the banquets and other meal functions. 

        Attached you will find a tournament schedule, a list of the NDT Committee members and their addresses, and a copy of the NDT judge philosophy form.

Please join us in Dallas for the 61st National Debate Tournament.

John Fritch
Director, National Debate Tournament


Thursday, March 29

9:00-11:00      	Registration
11:00 - 2:00    	NDT Board of Trustees Meeting
1:00-4:00       	NDT Committee Meeting
4:00-5:00       	Late Registration
7:30            	Reception and Pre-Tournament Awards

Friday, March 30
7:45 AM         	Continental Breakfast
8:00            	Announcement of Round I
11:45 PM        	Announcement of Round II
2:00		Lunch
4:00		Announcement of Round III        

Saturday, March 31

8:00 AM	                Announcement of Round IV
11:15		Lunch
12:30 PM	                Announcement of Round V
5:15		Announcement of Round VI

Sunday, April 1

8:00 AM	                Announcement of Round VII
11:15		Lunch
12:45 PM	                Announcement of Round VIII
5:00		Announcement of First Elimination Round
8:00 		Awards Banquet

Monday, April 2	 Debate Rounds in the Tournament Hotel

7:15 AM 	                Drawing of Octofinal judges
7:30            	Announcement of Octofinals
8:30            	Octofinal round begins
                        	(Rounds continue throughout the day)


Must be received by Committee Members	February 15 (5PM CST)
Committee calls or e-mail to Director           	February 17-18
Director Announces                             	                February 19


Declaration of intent to attend District        	February 20
Announcement of district bids                   	February 21


Must be received by Committee Members              March 8 (5 PM CST)
Committee calls or e-mail to Director           	March 10-11
Director announces                              	                March 12            


Dr. Timothy O?Donnell, NDT Chair
University of Mary Washington
Department of English, Linguistics, and Speech
1301 College Ave.
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

timothyodonnell AT gmail DOT com
Office Phone: 540-654-1252
Fax:  540-654-1569

Gordon Stables (D1)
stables AT usc DOT edu
Glen Frappier (D2)
frappier AT gem DOT gonzaga DOT edu
Joel Rollins (D3)
Jd DOT rollins AT mail DOT utexas DOT edu
David Cram Helwich (D4) 
cramhelwich AT gmail DOT com
Steve Mancuso (D5)
spmancuso AT aol DOT com
Ryan Galloway (D6)
rwgallow AT samford DOT edu
Warren Decker(D7)
wdecker AT gmu DOT edu
Dallas Perkins (D8)
dperkins AT fas DOT harvard DOT edu
Omar Guevara (D9)
oguevara AT weber DOT edu
Tim O?Donnell (AFA East)\
timothyodonnell AT gmail DOT com
Joe Zompetti (AFA Central)
zompetti AT aol DOT com
Ed Lee (AFA South)
edlee3 AT gmail DOT com       
Brian Lain (AFA West)
blain AT unt DOT edu                         

Deadline: Must be posted to www.debateresults.com by March 16, 2007.

Revised 2-16-94

NAME _______________________	INSTITUTION _____________________________

POSITION _______________________	YEARS OF COACHING _______________

NUMBER OF TOURNAMENTS THIS YEAR _______________________

The following questions represent some of the issues you may want to discuss in your judge philosophy.  They serve as a guideline.  Please try to make the philosophy relevant AS APPLICABLE to the current topic.  It is understood that many of your positions may be altered by specific situations.  Please limit yourself to ONE photocopy ready page.  The left hand margin should be one (1) inch.

Theory: 1. What decision making paradigm do you use?  2. What are your standards for the evaluation of T?  3. What are your standards for counterplans (especially topical Cps, conditionally, international fiat, Agent of Action, and permutations)?  4. How do you react to new cases at the NDT?

Topic Specific Arguments: 1. Which T violations do you like/dislike? How is T evaluated?  2. What are your preferences for disads? Counterplans?

Critiques/Deontology: 1. Do you like them?   2. What standards do you use to evaluate them?  3. How do they weigh against other impacts?

Evidence: 1. Do you read evidence after a round?  2. What are your standards of evaluation?  3. Do you require full cites to be read?  How does that affect your evaluation of evidence?  4. What are your standards for an evidence challenge?

Style: 1. What, if anything, do you do to encourage comprehensible speaking?  2. What constitutes an argument?  3. Do you find tag-team CX objectionable?  4. What behavior or mannerisms do you find objectionable?


Timothy M. O'Donnell
Director of Debate and Associate Professor of Speech
University of Mary Washington
316 Combs Hall
1301 College Ave.
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
todonnel at umw.edu
(540) 654-1252 (office)
(540) 654-1569 (fax)

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