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This was posted today on CRTNET by Scott Jacobs of the University of Arizona - the 2007 Alta Summer Conference on Argumentation conference Director.  
This is a great conference which publishes a proceedings of select papers.  
From: Scott Jacobs jacobsc at u.arizona.edu

Call for Papers and Proposals
Alta Conference on Argumentation
Deadline for Submissions: April 9, 2007.

The 15th Alta Conference on Argumentation will be held August 2-5, 2007,
in Alta, Utah. Cosponsored by the National Communication Association,
the American Forensic Association, and the University of Utah, the
conference brings together scholars interested in all aspects of
argumentation. All sessions will be held in the Rustler Lodge, which
also provides lodging and meals as part of a four day conference
package. Presented papers will be considered for publication in the
Conference Proceedings.

Submissions for the Program: Please send electronic versions of
completed papers, panel proposals, or extended abstracts to the
Conference Program

Planner: Scott Jacobs at the email address alta2007 at u.arizona.edu.

Submission Format:

Drafts of completed papers are welcome from any of the traditional
perspectives on argumentation (logic, rhetoric, dialectic) or from
emerging contemporary views in the social sciences and humanities.
Papers may address issues that are pedagogical, philosophical,
theoretical, interpretive, empirical, or critical.

Cross disciplinary perspectives are encouraged.

Panel proposals should provide a title for the panel, names and
addresses (including email) of all participants, a specified time limit
for each participant, abstracts of each paper, and a brief explanation
of the nature and importance of the topic and the pertinence of the
individual speakers. If respondents are included, their role should be
explained. Innovative panel formats will be considered. Panel proposals
in which all participants are from the same institution are discouraged.

Extended abstracts (at least 500 words) should be substantial enough to
indicate the scope, direction, and merit of the project. Assessments
will be based on the evaluators' understanding of the projected project
provided by the abstract.

Multiple submissions from authors or co-authors are allowed but not

Presentation Guidelines: The Alta Conference encourages discussion and
audience participation. Thus, each oral presentation (paper or response)
should not exceed 15 minutes, and the total presentation time for each
panel (papers and

respondents) should not exceed one hour.

Conference Proceedings: Papers delivered at the conference will be
reviewed for publication in the Conference Proceedings. Only completed
papers (including those proposed for panels and in abstracts) forwarded
to the Conference Program Planner by July 1 will be considered for
inclusion. Papers cannot exceed 3,000 words, excluding notes and
references. Endnotes should not exceed two double-spaced pages and
should be in the same font as the paper. Papers must follow APA style.
Authors who wish to have their papers considered for publication in the
Proceedings will also need to bring three hard copies of their paper
with final edits completed and 1 disk copy to the conference.

Papers must be submitted in MS Word or WordPerfect formats. Authors must
obtain written approval to publish any copyrighted material.

Conference Web Site: http://www.americanforensics.org
Local Host: Lisa Flores, Department of Communication, 255 S Central
Campus Dr., Room 2400, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT

Scott Jacobs
Alta Argumentation Conference Director
Cognitive Science Program
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721

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Assistant Professor & Principal, Consortium for Strategic Communication  
The Hugh Downs School of Human Communication
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