[eDebate] Seth Elsworth and Cal Judging

Seth T. Ellsworth sethellsworth
Mon Feb 5 10:55:50 CST 2007

Who is this character Seth Elsworth? My name is spelled with two "L's." I
take great offense to this affront to my identity. To be fair, in my
philosophy, after the long story about heroin and a duck (which, let's be
clear, is one of those "funny things I found on the Internet" and I found
this a long time ago, probably when I was in high school, circa 2000), there
is a disclaimer about how it is just a story and I like it. Also, there are
very true things in my philosophy. Like something about sea captains. And
that time I got too lazy to carry things. I wasn't even cool enough to
actually write the story myself. Soon I plan on adding something about K
debates and the movie Rest Stop. And maybe about that time I was in jail and
met a one leg-ed robber who tried to rob a pizza joint. If you haven't read
the book The Fuck-Up, you should.
That will be all,
Pinto (seth) "T." Ellsworth
P.S. They call me Pinto, not because I am like the horse, not because I like
the beans, but because much like the maligned car, when you tap me from
behind, I explode.
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