[eDebate] Virginia High School League Needs Judges on March 23/March 24

Duane Hyland privethedge
Mon Feb 5 13:52:36 CST 2007

Hi, This is primarily addressed to the Northern and Central Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland debate community.

The Viriginia High School League, the organization that governs high school activities in Viriginia, will be having its Northern Region AAA and Northwest Region AA Tournament at Yorktown High School on March 23-24, 2007. We will offer Policy Debate, LD Debate and Student Congress.

I've been told this is NDT weekend, but if you are not going to the NDT, or have friends who aren't going to the NDT, we need the judges. This is the tournament that decides which AAA and AA teams and debaters will advance to the State Finals in April. 

The area community has come through outstandingly for us before, and I'm hoping y'all will come through again. Yorktown is simply the host school, the VHSL will be handling payment (which in the past has been very generous).

Directors, Debaters, friends of debaters - if you know anyone who wants to make some money, and can help us out, have them contact me. They can judge either  the evening of the 23rd, the morning and early afternoon of the 24th, or on both days - we just need judging!!:)


Duane Hyland
Yorktown High School

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