[eDebate] ross, pirates, pinto, and pics.

stephen davis proudsavage
Mon Feb 5 23:11:25 CST 2007

i don't really know what i did to ross smith to make him want to call me out
like that, ive never been anything but respectful to him and his squad but
he seems to think its just allright to talk all types of  smack about me on
a public forum, while my impulse is to say a buncha mean things about
him(like ive judged 5 or 6 times as many rounds this year as ross has) on
the same forum  i feel that to make fun of ross here  would be at the very
least lacking in this thing we call uniqueness  as i understand its a rather
common occurance (see stannards post) and at the most counterproductive;  as
it makes me look reactionary and well, lame. i would like to clarify for the
sake of the fine people at cal berkley who have been kind enuf to take a
chance on a young upstart like myself.  the round to which ross refers  was
well,  horrible, (and while i don't think either of the teams participating
would disagree  id be happy to feild any refutations of that statement,
indiites of my appearant hipocracy,  lack of spellings skills,  syntactical
errors or word choice). i was a little unhappy with how it went down becasue
i love debate and there wasn't much of one, i think rebuttals are good and
think teams should give them.  my mistake was washing my hands of the debate
and letting those power willing cheaters cheat so bad that their  block
thirty  writing became a reflection of my judging paradigm( a copy of which
can be found pretty easily) in truth i would have given them each aweful
points like 5's or something but was far too bewildered and annoyed to even
bother. i like real debates like good cards and creative crazy strats, in
the immortal words of ace garret, an d argument is and argument,  i don't
really enjoy  crazy for its own sake. if you want to know a secret(anyone
who actually knows me(not ross) would verify that i love a really tricky
pic. da's and such might never be my thing but please don't take ross's
comments as an indication of how i evaluate debates. but ross, please be
nice to me, im surprisingly sensative for a  heathen and  would much rather
avoid people being mean to me for no appearant reason. and please trust that
i understand the irony of posting this and denoucing a reaction---making fun
of ross above and at the same time saying id rather not is sillly and my
awareness makes it ok(cross apply all the irony good args you've ever heard
maybe even some mann evidence). as my closing statement id like to say that
pinto ellsworth is a fantastic human being and a supremely compotent judge,
proving that ones judging philosphy or even ones record may not be
indicative of the individuals voting habits(ross himself has picked up such
bogus teams as well, BARD  and against a very good michigan state team who
ran compelling framework args.)
and while i really like ross and wasn't at all offeneded by his little digs
i thank him for the oppertunity to write this post. i want to be a good
judge for everybody(i kinda wanna be ken strange when i grow up, if i grow
up) and while i am not there yet id really like to get there.

for your time and patience i thank you,

stephen davis
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