[eDebate] Northwestern Tourney Update #2: Deadlines, Hotel Rooming List, Etc.

Scott Deatherage lsd041
Tue Feb 6 09:00:44 CST 2007

Greetings, all.  Welcome to your Tuesday morning update in advance of 
the upcoming Owen L. Coon Memorial Debate Tournament.  We remain on 
track to easily break a tournament record at 161 teams.  And we 
anxiously prepare for your arrival.  Some helpful tips for today:

    * HOTEL ROOMING LIST:  The tournament hotel has requested that 
participating schools file a rooming list with them in advance of the 
tournament.  This request is designed to make certain that members of 
your party can retrieve replacement room keys at the front desk in 
the event that they loose (when they loose) their original key.  As 
is customary in most hotels, the desk will ask for a picture ID in 
order to re-issue a room key.  You can e-mail your list to event 
coordinator Brian Gilmore:  BGilmore at chicc.com.  In your note, please 
be sure to identify your school and the name of the person who will 
check-in on behalf of your party.
    * CHANGE IN DEADLINE FOR CHANGES:  Ooops!!!  I forgot to run 
update #1 past Gary before posting.  He asks that rather than turning 
off the Bruschke site on Thursday afternoon, I instead block your 
access to it on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 7 AT 9:00 AM CST.  That's 
necessary to facilitate accurate data for the preference 
sheet.  After that hour, please send changes to me at 
nudebate at northwestern.edu and to Gary at Gary.N.Larson at wheaton.edu.
    * HEAT WAVE ON THE WAY!!!  We can't wait for your 
arrival.  That's b/c it's so damned cold here right now that we can't 
really go out doors.  HOWEVER, our trusty local weather forecaster, 
Tom Skilling (brother of Jeffrey of Enron fame) says that the 
recorvery begins on Friday.  We're due for a high of 28 degrees F on 
that day.  Some of you may think that's a little chilly, but right 
now, it's MINUS ONE outside, so us natives are looking forward to 
it.  HURRY UP AND GET HERE!!!  I'll post a weather report on 
Thursday.  You can also check out Tom Skilling's report at 
www.chicagotribune.com, commonly considered by locals as the most 
reliable projection available.
    * VEGETARIANS/VEGANS AND TOTAL BODY COUNT:  About 20 coaches have 
yet to reply to my plea to enter data regarding vegetarians, vegans, 
and the total number of persons in your group at 
www.debateresults.com.  We are happy to work to provide appropriate 
diet for those with special diet needs, but we need to know how many 
people that is.  Coaches, please enter this data today.  After AM CST 
tomorrow, you won't be able to access the appropriate page to edit 
your data.  In addition, I have to provide counts to our various 
caterers at NOON CST tomorrow.  If you are a vegetarian or vegan, 
please remind your coach or director to enter this data so you won't 
be left out.
    * DROP DEADLINE:  Fast approaching.  Remember that if you drop 
participants of any sort after NOON CST tomorrow, Wednesday, February 
7, a per person drop fee will be assessed.  That's not because we 
hate you.  It's because after that hour, we are committed to our 
caterers for a final guarantee number.

Look tomorrow for a detailed update on tournament logistics, 
particularly on where debates will occur, building locations, 
etc.  Best, all.  SD 
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