[eDebate] Dear Emory

Eric Slusher slusher
Tue Feb 6 17:56:44 CST 2007

The scouting information from the round robin has been posted on the  
Wake Wiki for several days now.

In fact, if you follow this link...


...you'll end up right at the spot where Dartmouth's 3 aff debates  
are reported.

The reports may suck.  I can't help you there.  That's probably why  
you're asking for more specific information.  Surely you weren't  
suggesting that Dartmouth was holding back scouting information from  
the RR until just before the NDT.  Nahhhh.  Afterall, last year's  
scouting information was on edebate by Feb 2nd, as evidenced by this  


In fairness I probably should have sent a message out that said the  
info had been posted to the wiki.  Anyway, it looks like JP has  
posted all of it.


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