[eDebate] CEDA Proposals for NCA 2007

Morris, Eric R EricMorris
Wed Feb 7 10:02:04 CST 2007

If you are thinking about submitting a proposal for the 2007 NCA in
Chicago, I wanted to remind you that the deadline is midnight on
Valentine's Day (isn't that nice?), which is next Wednesday. Before,
during, or after Northwestern would be great times to coordinate with
others in the community. 


If you are interested, but lack a direction, here are several topics
that might make for interesting panels:


Inclusion of 3rd teams at the NDT

Merits of the open/closed formats of NDT vs. CEDA Nationals

Trends in participation (number of teams + squad size), and what should
be done

Particular argumentative practices that should be encouraged or

Implications of technology for changing debate

Alumni fundraising strategies

Improving the quality/humanity/regional balance of the travel schedule


Some people have formed panels just by suggesting a topic in this forum
and asking for backchannels from interested parties. If you are
interested in organizing a proposal, but don't know how to proceed, I'm
happy to work with you either via email or live at Northwestern to help
you pull it together. 


I specifically encourage younger coaches and current debaters to
consider the convention venue as one place to share your perspectives on
our activity! 


Dr. Eric Morris

Asst Prof of Communication

Director of Forensics

Craig Hall 366A

Missouri State University

Springfield, MO 65897

(O) 417-836-7636

(H) 417-865-6866

(C) 417-496-7141


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