[eDebate] Northwestern Tourney Update #3: Changes, Wait List, Etc.

Scott Deatherage lsd041
Wed Feb 7 10:03:19 CST 2007

This one is quick:

    * ENTRY AND CHANGES:  The entry and edit functions for the 
tournament at www.debateresults.com have now been disabled.  Future 
changes should be sent to me at nudebate at northwestern.edu and to Dr. 
Larson at Gary.N.Larson at wheaton.edu.
    * WAIT LIST TEAMS:  As I indicated in Update #1, all teams on the 
Wait List have been cleared for participation.  Net of drops, we have 
EXACTLY AND ONLY the number of rooms we need on Sunday, so knock on 
wood and pray that all rooms are unlocked, etc.  But you can go ahead 
and put them in the van, on the plane, etc.
    * LOOK FOR UPDATES 4 AND 5:  Later today or tomorrow, more 
information about the DePaul campus, parking, ground transportation, 
etc.  Also, registration, the NDT Committee meeting, etc.

We'll see everyone soon!!!  Best.  SD  
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