[eDebate] malcoms heart challenge

Darren Elliott delliott
Wed Feb 7 15:30:16 CST 2007

I have nothing but love for Malgor!

That said, why wait until 7 days before the tournament to "enter" and
call people out?  Is it reasonable to think people from around the
country can book affrodable airfare this late and make it worth their
while?  Me thinks you kept hidden for strategic reasons.  

Furthermore, since you threw out Flair and Hogan I will assert that
Flair and Hogan would never advocate "giving" only "taking".  In that
spirit I assume the dream team of you and Blake will not be advocating
"giving" back anything--including pieces of land.

Despite all of the above I am with you on the D3 thing--no excuses for
these folks to not answer your challenge.  

The question remains--how will you answer Austin Case's 2NR?  Rumor from
Mean Gene Okerlund is that Austin is returning, coming from high above
the crowd, tied to a rope and harness to be lowered into the ring right
before round 1.  When the lights go out, beware the Raptor!

see you in L-town! : )

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