[eDebate] Alternate use time

Ross K. Smith smithr
Thu Feb 8 08:41:09 CST 2007

Olney ("Me and Judging - A few things) mentioned he is offering 
alternative use time (AUT) to the teams he judges.

This takes the same total time as prep plus c-x, so no harm to the 
tournament's timing.

I suggest folks read his arguments for the benefits of AUT.

We used it at Wake one year. Did not get a big response pro or con.

A quibble: the argument that debaters have the best answer to the 
question of how to allocate their time equally applies to speeches. It's 
not a great argument in either case. Part of the skill of debate is 
using the time you have, working within time constraints.

I do think AUT better rewards good c-x. That makes it worth it.
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