[eDebate] NCA Deadline Looms!

Morris, Eric R EricMorris
Tue Feb 13 16:45:55 CST 2007

I'm just writing to remind everyone who is working on panels that the
NCA deadline is looming. 


The deadline is officially the 14th. Since our call originally said the
15th, I've been in touch with Jason Watkins of NCA and have been assured
that the All Academic system will remain open through the 15th (this


I know lots of people have been assembling panels, but most of those
haven't yet been submitted.


The address for submission (online) through All-Academic is:

The overall NCA website is:


In order to add a panel discussion, you need a copy of each individual's
abstract. Each of them needs to have created  a profile on All Academic
(if they've done this in the past, there are in the system - if they
haven't, it will take about 5 minutes at the All Academic website
above). Then, you type in the fields (panel discussion title, rationale,
abstract for each paper), click a couple of buttons to add the people,
and you are complete.


As a reminder, NCA policy says you may submit only once per division
(e.g. you can only be on one panel submission to CEDA, etc., as the
principal author), so choose wisely. You CAN submit multiple times if
each submission heads to a different division (e.g. once to Political
Comm, once to AFA, etc.). The full policy is available on Convention
webcite: http://www.natcom.org/nca/Template2.asp?bid=7339


Anyone who submitted a panel last year and didn't get in should know
that our current submission count is below the number of slots we have
available. Thus, it would be a great idea to resubmit.


CEDA will accept panels (either with papers presented or panel
discussions), as well as individual papers (or extended abstracts). 


Hoping for online discussions to organize panels over the next two


Dr. Eric Morris

Missouri State University

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